Portfolio 2023



At the base of this restaurant there is a personal challenge, with the aim of being able to draw a different menu every day while maintaining the same offer and quality. The menu is only one, it changes every day and there are no alternatives.

Break the rules

Diem breaks the rules of catering, offers a new and different experience from the usual, ranging from mood, to light experience, to the various details scattered around the restaurant, leaving nothing to chance.


Thanks to the reduced number of seats Diem can redesign every day a different menu keeping the offer always on the same level in every respect, this means that every time you decide to live this experience there won’t be the feeling of boredom due to having already lived, live or through social media.

Strong impact

All this contributes to a strong impact for the customer, in fact in the first moments he will be disoriented but with the passing of the evening he will begin to understand the ethics and the offer of the restaurant, from that moment you will enjoy the time from Diem to the maximum of possibilities.This feeling is also transmitted by the alternative logos that despite having a harmonious composition at first glance are not understood by the customer who only after being accustomed to them fully appreciate them.

Screen wall

In the restaurant the screen wall integrates the experience with an important component of light experience that helps to make the customer feel in another place and time. Integrated with a soft lighting this screen wall radiates a fine and pleasant light, never too strong or blinding in the environment. The screen is composed of pixels separated from each other and opaque, designed to avoid having an annoying effect for customers.


The details symbolize how the experience wants to be taken care of from the first moment, when people enter the restaurant to the last when the experience ends.

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