Portfolio 2022

Hello, my name is Paolo, I study Visual design at RafflesMilano, I’m 21 years old
I’m based in Monza (near Milan), I’m passionate about the whole world connected
to the visual side of things, from brand identity to ADV, from the direction
and creation of Visual for events to the actual graphics in all its declinations.
In this website I want to post some of my projects in order to show my skills
and the jobs in which I freed my creativity in creating new experiences and ideas.

For proposals and/or collaborations feel free to contact me via mail, instagram or Linkedin.


Bi fest - Bike Milano

Bike Milano is the festival that returns the city to people, for two days the whole host city closes to car traffic the streets that connect the various locations of the event. The various locations are chosen so that you can travel from one to another by bike, so while visitors are having fun, they also get together and celebrate a culture of sustainable mobility.

Discover more about BiMi - click here

 Art direction for events + Branding                                                


The coldest web radio you can find, full of new and young DJs who bring a musical offer always new and in step with the times, but also ready to inform and provide interesting facts from the cold glaciers and research centers in them.
With this balanced and comprehensive mix of content iceolation is ready to keep company, inform and entertain anyone.

Discover more about Iceolation - click here

Digital Design Direction - Web design    


Diem is much more than a normal restaurant, it is a 360-degree experience that envelops the customer, who for the entire duration of his stay is transported by variety, environment, flavors, surprise and general mood, so much to create an initial disorientation that gradually turns into an awareness of how unique the experience is.  

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Brand design - Restaurant branding                                                  


The post-war Polish graphic comes back to life thanks to augmented reality, a poster that comes alive and thanks to a filter tells the story of the film it advertises.

Discover more about MOST NA RZECE KWAI - click here

AR Design - Augmented reality animated poster                            

Metro Milano

Street photography project that tells the life that flows under the city of Milan, its energy, but also its endless silences, between shouted phone calls and glances stolen from strangers of which you know nothing but imagine everything. This is Metro Milano.

Discover more about Metro Milano - click here

Photography project - Street photography                                        

MI AMI festival 2022 - Personal version

Stefano Bottura, creative director of MI AMI festival has launched the challenge of recreating the 2022 festival with a new theme of our choice, this is how I reinterpreted the festival.

Discover more about MI AMI - click here

Art Direction for events                                                                        

OREO crispy and thin - lounch ADV

Hypothetical ADV for the launch of a new OREO product: The new crispy and thin cookies



Recalls that some projects are not shown here because they are very conceptual
or designed on very sci-fi concepts and require an explanation that if written would
become boring, it would be a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to explain
and illustrate them face to face or on a call, in case you are curious or for any other
question or/and proposals do not hesitate to contact me by mail, Instagram or on Linkedin.

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