Portfolio 2023

MI AMI festival 2022


Free as eagles, after closed years in a cage, eager to explore all the sky that exists, so eager and full of energy that we make 3 festivals in one, recovering even those past. Maybe with a little luck, playing on the theme of the edition that has been more successful than all (with the theme "the animal that I bring in" in 2010). Hence the theme of my MI AMI



Two years closed at home, prohibition to see each other,
to dance, to touch each other,of kissing, two editions
of the MI AMI lost forever, or maybe not, maybe the moment we waited for these two very long years has come,
the moment we would be free again, the moment in which
we could return to the MI AMI, and there, free as eagles
we would return to live strong emotions, sing, dance,
but even just spend a nice weekend in a park and if there
is a few kisses (finally) so much better


Illustrations by FEBIN RAJ

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