Portfolio 2023

Volcano Saga - Joan Jonas


I created a sixteen-pages book transcripting the artistic performance created by Joan Jonas. The whole text consists of a dialogue between figures of Nordic mythology Gest and Gudrun, to represent the dialogue clearly I opted for a clear layout that places the names of each interlocutor always in the same place.

Discover what’s inside the book, turn the pages and discover Joan Jonas’ “Volcano Saga”.

The illustrations

To maintain the dreamlike dimension of the video-performance of Joan Jonas I decided to create illustrations by taking stills from the artist’s video, using illustrations I can maintain the dimension of the dream, that takes its cue from reality but communicates in ways that are not always clear and faithful to how things turn out in the real world.

“Volcano saga” 

"Volcano Saga" is a video-art piece created by conceptual artist Joan Jonas in 1989. The piece was conceived as a live performance, but a video version of the performance also exists.
The performance of "Volcano Saga" takes place on a theatrical set and combines elements of dance, music, poetry, theater, and video. The performance features Jonas herself as the protagonist, dressed in colorful costumes and masks that transform her into various characters. The performance is centered on Icelandic mythology and unfolds in a series of scenes that explore Icelandic culture and history.

Watch “Volcano saga” on Youtube - Click here

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