Portfolio 2023



The basis of this project is the post-war Polish graphics, in particular it is observed that in the years after World War II, Polish graphic designers reinterpreted and graphically placed posters of hollywood films in a completely new perspective. Our challenge was to take these posters in hand and give them a new life animating them in augmented reality, so that once they were framed they would make animations in theme with what the film was talking about, closing then the animation coming to have the image of the static poster from which we started.



My choice was the poster of the movie "the bridge on the river Kwai" (most na rzece Kwai in Polish) first I wanted to highlight the difference between the American and the Polish version, then I worked on the animation of the poster, the movements of the animation replicate the movements of a train, one of the main subjects of the movie, while the closure represents an explosion, with which in the movie the bridge on the river Kwai is destroyed, building from which the entire film takes its name.

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